Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Discovery's Penguin Cam Promotes Frozen Planet

One of the greatest things to have ever been invented is live streaming webcam feeds of animals. I seriously can't get enough of them. When my friend from Florida built a chicken coop a few years ago, he equipped it with a webcam and broadcasted the growth of his three chicks to the world. I literally tuned in every single day (multiple times, in fact) until the very sad day that he took it offline.

A few weeks ago I discovered a brand new live stream that made me even happier than the chicken coop cam—Discovery's Penguin Cam! The Discovery Channel teamed up with SeaWorld San Diego to promote its brand new show, Frozen Planet. The live stream from SeaWorld San Diego's Penguin Encounter exhibit lets you watch chubby little penguins waddle around and chirp at each other 24 hours a day. What more could you ask for out of life?

A second underwater camera lets you watch them swim gracefully and play in the water. Sometimes you can see the zookeepers coming in to feed them or spray them down with an icy cold shower. This morning one of the penguins was doing laps around the exhibit with a small black pebble in his beak. I can't begin to express how cute they are, you really just have to see for yourself:

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Frozen Planet, a co-production between BBC, The Discovery Channel, and the Open University, and made by the same team that brought us Planet Earth, focuses on life and its natural history in the polar regions of Earth. The series has only seven episodes, which take the viewer through the different seasons in the Arctic and Antarctic. The final episode was originally deemed too controversial for American audiences, due to its focus on climate change and its devastating effects on the polar regions. Someone at Discovery has since decided that North America is in fact capable of handling the truth, and they will graciously air the final episode for us.

The British version is narrated by (who else?) David Attenborough, while the American one by Alec Baldwin. It's tough to say who got the better deal. You can watch Frozen Planet on Discovery at 8pm ET/PT on Sunday nights.


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