Monday, March 12, 2012

Fish-Farming Infographics

A while ago I wrote an introductory post on aquaculture, but I kind of felt like my explanation was lacking. It's hard to fully capture something so complex through words only, and if I were explaining it to you in person I'd for sure be using a lot of hand motions.

I'm a really big fan of using visuals to communicate scientific ideas (but I really dislike bad use of visuals), and I think something like fish farming can be summed up really nicely in an appropriate infographic.

Don Foley is the creative genius behind the fantastic infographics in Ted Danson's Oceana. I Googled him and found this beautiful graphic that illustrates so simply and so well the different kinds of fish farming that currently exist.

A - Onshore ponds (self-contained systems); B - Salmon Pens; C - Seaweed Flats (where seaweed is cultivated); D - Spotter Planes (visually track schools of fish); E - Shellfish Cultivation; F - Free-Floating Fish Farms Oceana

This detailed variation should be opened in a new tab or window to view properly:

This infographic from Ocean Conservancy shows the chief environmental concerns associated with open-ocean aquaculture (any fish farm not on land).

Note: All of these environmental impacts are also potential impacts made by any fish farm in the ocean, including fish pens kept nearshore. Ocean Conservancy


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