Monday, April 30, 2012

Stingray Bay Toronto Opening May 1 2012

It's been a very busy week at Stingray Bay Toronto. The exhibit is opening tomorrow, an our animals just arrived on Friday. We've had some hiccups with equipment, but everything is running right on schedule.

This is how you transport stingrays from one aquarium to another!

This year we've got our usual cownose stingrays, southerns, and nurse sharks. New additions include bamboo sharks and tropical fish!

Admission is $2.50 on top of regular zoo admission, but there's really no other exhibit like it. You get to pet the stingrays and sharks, and if you'd like to buy a cup of food you can feed the stingrays too.
Zissou, our male white-spotted bamboo shark, with a green chromi (bottom right)

If you see me in the pool, feel free to ask me questions about the animals. We also have "stingray staff" stationed around the pool, who are more than happy to answer questions and show you how to properly interact with the animals.

Our visitors sometimes get too excited about the sharks and rays to pay attention to the educational materials. Regardless, I hope that everyone who passes through will gain a deeper appreciation for these misunderstood fishes, and realize they are gentle, majestic creatures, and nothing to be feared.


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