Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gifts for Scientists

Whenever I go holiday shopping for friends and family, I end up spending the greatest amount of money on myself. This year, I was pretty good, but I inadvertently compiled a list of nerdy cool stuff that I came across and really badly wish I owned.

If you're lucky enough to have a nerd as a friend, and need to figure out what the best gift for a scientist might be, here's some inspiration.  Truthfully, these gifts would appeal to not only scientists, but to anyone with an appreciation for the natural world.

Science Gifts for the Study

 1. Altitude Memo Block ($10.99) | 2. The Infamous Drinking Bird ($6.00 via ThinkGeek) | 3. Sand dollar bookends ($39.99 via Etsy) | 4. FermLiving Decorative Molecules ($75.00 from | 5. Darwin Bust (£15.99 at the English Heritage Shop) | 6. Explorer Globe ($41.49) | 7. Newton's cradle ($19.99) | 8. Vintage Microscope with wooden box ($15.95 on Etsy) 

Science Gifts for the Home

1. Illuminated Remote Control Moon ($45.00 from Urban Outfitters) | 2. Deep Tea Diver ($14.95 from | 3. Molecular coasters, set of 2 (£15.00 via Science Museum Shop) | 4. Mad Mixologist's Laboratory ($49.95 via Edmund Scientific) | 5. Constellation Lamp (£25.00 via Science Museum Shop) | 6. Earl Carafe (£18.00 via Science Museum Shop) | 7. Star Theater Pro ($169.99 via ThinkGeek) | 8. Erlenmeyer Flask salt and pepper shakers (£12.00 via Science Museum Shop)


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Some gift suggestions for academics:

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