Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sea Urchins Planktonic Origins from Parafilms

I nearly lost my mind when I found this gem of a video on Vimeo's Staff Pick list. It's a beautifully shot video clip of the sea urchin its adult and larval forms. The sea urchin is one of my favourite animals, and its larval form holds a special place in my heart, as the animal I researched for my undergraduate thesis. 

The clip is from a documentary series known as "The Plankton Chronicles," which, as the title aptly suggests, chronicles different types of plankton that inhabit the ocean. The cinematography is astounding. Watch below!

Some screencaps: 

Close-up of the surface of a sea urchin
The larval form of sea urchin, the pluteus larva.

Zygotes in early stages of division
Ova being released by a female urchin


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